With each passing day, teenagers' lives become increasingly intertwined with technology and social media. How can you as a parent stay informed and involved in healthy ways? How can you make wise decisions and remain safe while also helping your children do the same? “Tweens, Teens + Technology: Parenting Workshop” will equip you to have meaningful conversations with your children about the best, wisest ways to get connected while staying safe. Technology is the one issue that all parents are grasping at straws to control in their family. This workshop helps parents understand the role of social media in their child's life, how to respond to digital distractions, set healthy limits on video games, address abuse of sexting and texting, and much more.

This is a two hour presentation with interactive discussions from experts in the field, Karen and McKenna O’Dougherty, (your burning questions WILL be answered) that will leave parents and teens both shocked and ready to take action. Join us to learn how to set healthy boundaries, abide by family morals and values even while online, and respect other family members by being present during meaningful together time by taking agreed on screen breaks.

What: Parents and Teens Workshop

Who: Parents and Teens may attend workshop, free childcare for other children ages 3-10.

When: Monday February 12th, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Where: First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville, 425 Middle St, Jacksonville, OR 97530